and so we begin..

this blog is here to keep you informed of the events that will be taking place on the island of Paxos, Greece from Monday 11th March – Tuesday 26th March, 2013.

We hope that those on the island will get involved and join in helping to make it a fun few weeks, we also hope that we encourage visitors to come and join us.

Travel arrangements to the island will need to be made by yourselves, a ‘how to get here’ page will provide the information you need to do so. Numerous locals are opening their accommodation early and again a page will be dedicated to informing you of the options and providing email address’ of owners to allow you to contact them yourselves.

The activities on offer are not being charged for and you are free to join in where-ever you like, nothing is compulsory and its just an opportunity to have some fun.

About OffSeasonPaxos

For all those that love the island of Paxos
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4 Responses to and so we begin..

  1. Chris Stubbs says:

    Look forward to reading it. Good Luck.

  2. Jim and Maureen Lemin says:

    Good luck in this new venture

    Wishing everyone on and involved with Paxos a wonderful Happy New Year

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