a champagne finish..

in Helen’s words

Friday afternoons walk was a great foray into the hidden valleys of Paxos. Led by Spyro and several four legged friends, we bounded up the ancient stone μονοπάτι (footpath) from Loggos to Dendiatika. It was a wonderful sunny afternoon as we made our way up the donkey path to Argyratika. On the walk down the valley to Randatika, we saw Bee Orchids and wild freesias aplenty. Coming up the other side, we made our way to the ruined three story stone building, which inspired the old folk song about a wedding party who were all dancing merrily upstairs when the floor caved in. The next part of the walk took an adventurous turn as we delved deep into the Paxos forest on an old footpath (new to most of us) which proved elusive to find. We all entered into the Indiana Jones spirit of the afternoon and found our way back onto the footpath, via Ipapandi and back onto the Lakka road. The wonderful peaceful path from Zissifies to the bridge in Loggos was a fitting end to a great walk. The first few raindrops splashed us as we celebrated with a glass of bubbly in Loggos’.

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thank you http://www.nigelbowen.co.uk/

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