a walk in the sunshine..

what a great day, the sun has made an appearance and the island has taken on that lovely feeling of summer being around the corner. Our day started with yoga at the school, our instructor has tailored the class to suit our various abilities and although an avid runner I’ve found the class challenging enough and really enjoyable.

Our afternoon walk was led by Tracey, Pam and Helen and started at the byzantine style church of Ipapanti. Maria Grammatikou joined us and was able to tell us the history of the church, her family home is in this particular area. We visited the mystical spring that lies behind the church and heard the age old fable of the icon that was found there that then led to the church being built close by.

We made our way to the Kastanida cliffs taking in the stunning scenery and came back down into Lakka passing the Venetian House.

What better way to end a walk than enjoying a coffee in the sunshine, thank you to Anna and Maria at Seriani bar for your hospitality and to Anna from the local Cava for her delicious home made pastries and halva.

DSC05197 DSC05200 DSC05201 DSC05203 DSC05205 DSC05206 DSC05207 DSC05209 DSC05211 DSC05214 DSC05216 DSC05217 DSC05219 DSC05220 DSC05221 DSC05222 DSC05223 DSC05224 DSC05226 DSC05227 DSC05228 DSC05230 DSC05231 DSC05234DSC05232DSC05233 


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3 Responses to a walk in the sunshine..

  1. Vicki Hope-Robinson says:

    What gorgeous pictures Sam. Cant wait to get there in May. This looks like the Offseason season is going really well – well done you!! xx Vicki Hope-robinson

  2. Maureen Lemin says:

    Paxos looks as gorgeous as ever ! Sam , we are coming over for a week at the end of October – will you be continuing the off season program then ? The activities sound great x

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