a taste of Paxos

was our reward for all the walking we’ve been doing of late. Today we ventured through the village of Velientatika and onto Fanariotatika where we took a mono pati (single path) that led to the dramatic cliff top view of Galazio Beach (meaning light blue). The olive tree’s within this area and onto Mongonissi are renowned for producing a superior olive oil due to the lack of humidity and constant breeze from the west coast. Whilst meandering through the groves Spyro entertained us with Greek fables and tales from his childhood.

Katerina and Babis that live in the village welcomed us into their home and we enjoyed the afternoon sunshine in their garden. Spyro had collected wild greens consisting of borage, marjoram and dill which he and Katerina swiftly and effortlessly made into a delicious rice and greens dish. Katerina and Babis have a farm in the area where they keep goats, sheep, chickens and pigs, Katerina makes her own cheese which we sampled. There are 2 varieties, a mozzarella type with a soft consistency and a ricotta with a more grainy texture, both were equally delicious and we all made purchases before we left along with fresh eggs. She also makes her own yogurt and jams.  Home-made lemonade helped to wash down our feast and dessert was a cheese-cake type pudding made with the ricotta cheese and brandy soaked raisons.

As Spyro rightly said the afternoon was a true taste of Paxos. Thank you to everyone for making it a really enjoyable day.

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1 Response to a taste of Paxos

  1. Carol says:

    A truly lovely walk with a wonderful Paxiot finish. Thanks to all who organised this. A special thank you to Spiros for his anecdotes and care on our walks, and to Sam who has put so much work into the organisation and blog to make the past few weeks so enjoyable. So many others helped so a big thank you to everyone.

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