I thought you may be interested to hear

of a few events taking place over the next few days:

Thursday 25th April at 8pm in the Town Hall on Gaios waterfront:

The Corfu Society for Environmental Protection in association with the Municipality of Paxos and the Organization of Control and Certification of Organic Products (DIO) will inform citizens about seeds (vegetable, fruit etc) and will distribute local varieties of seeds for the first time on Paxos.

Saturday 27th April at 9pm, Pio Pio Cafe, Gaios:

Live transmission of a music show presented by the Cultural Villages of Europe as part of the European project: Rural Song – Singing in the Villages. 7 members of the Paxos Cultural Association choir will be sharing the stage along with about 70 other choir singers from all over Europe. The show will be transmitted live by the French channel ARMOR tv.

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2 Responses to I thought you may be interested to hear

  1. Brenda Greaves says:

    Anything planned for next week and the week after? Brenda Greaves


    • Hello Brenda, The week after Easter (week commencing 6th May) will have quite a few processions as the icons are moved from one church to another. As I have confirmed days and times I will post the details on the site. I hope you have a great stay.

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