Paxos, Landscapes and Myths

 Exhibition from 4 to 24 August 2013 – Open daily from 11 am to 1pm and 7:30 to 11pm

 Boïkos house – Central Street, Gaïos (opposite “Kalimera” bar)

Five artists with five distinct visions of a Greek island are the subject of this exhibition. All five, of different backgrounds and nationalities (French, Greek, American and South African), have lived or worked on the Ionian island of Paxos.

 Jean-Christophe Ballot, Pavlos Habidis,

David Loeb, Vasilis Romanos, Vivian van Blerk

The obvious beauty of the island was in many ways a challenge to the artists who had to absorb its nature and atmosphere without turning it into a picture postcard. In their work they all focus on details of the island’s nature and architecture – the light, cliffs, olive groves, chapels, village houses, streetlights, even passing tourists. These features they frequently combine in a poetic or witty manner with illusions to the island’s Classical and Byzantine past. Each of the artists thus recreates Paxos as a personal myth. The variety of the techniques – oil painting, pastel, watercolor, classic photography and photomontage – adds to the richness of the exhibition. Their work is a wonderful homage to one of the most beautiful islands of Greece.

For further details please contact (C. Boïkos) – Tel. (+30) 694 46 33 123 (Faye Lychnou) Tel. (+30) 697 26 45 507

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