Garlands and jam making

were the activities we enjoyed today in Loggos. Spyro had collected heather, the darker coloured almost red variety is found in the north of the island and the almost white variety in the south. Using pliable olive branches the garland is formed by twisting branches together, starting the next branch where you left off and then finishing it with heather and lavender.

DSC05486 DSC05487 DSC05488 DSC05489 DSC05490 DSC05493 DSC05494 DSC05498 DSC05507


We then moved onto jam making. Pomegranates are plentiful on the island at the moment, generally they’re ready in November but due to the hot summer the trees are laden. The variety grown here tend to be sour and are perfect for jam.

1 litre of fresh strained pomegranate juice (ensure there is no pith as this is bitter)

1 kilo granulated sugar

Seeds of one pomegranate

4 green peeled apples, grated

Put the juice into a large saucepan along with the sugar and bring to the boil, add the seeds of the fruit. A scum will form that you need to remove. Once there is no longer any scum add the apples.

Once at setting point (test on a plate, once set it will wrinkle) pour into sterilized jars.

DSC05500 DSC05501 DSC05502 DSC05503 DSC05504 DSC05505 DSC05506


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2 Responses to Garlands and jam making

  1. Mary Buckley says:

    A fab afternoon learning some new skills and chatting with new and old friends

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