Music and food

a perfect combination! Taxidi, Elias and Ourenia (local musicians) will be playing at Stasino’s in Lakka tomorrow evening. If you would like to join us we’ll be eating so please let me know as I need to give them idea of numbers, we’ll meet around 8pm.

Photos below of our walk today;

DSC05535 DSC05536 DSC05537 DSC05538 DSC05539 DSC05540 DSC05541 DSC05542 DSC05543 DSC05544 DSC05545 DSC05546 DSC05547 DSC05548 DSC05549 DSC05550


About OffSeasonPaxos

For all those that love the island of Paxos
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3 Responses to Music and food

  1. Angela Hayes says:

    Looks fantastic. Does anyone want their dog, cat, granny looking after ‘Off Season’

  2. Brenda Greaves says:

    Oh heck I really want to be there it is cold, wet and miserable here

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