Splash for cash

the Paxos Way

So what to say to friends and relatives who inevitably comment “suppose you had another quiet Christmas in Paxos then?”

Christmas time here on Paxos is certainly a much less frantic and stressful affair than is generally the case in Britain; the shops don’t exhibit their festive wares until the beginning of December and the fresh Brussels Sprouts didn’t arrive until the day before Christmas Eve! The biggest sop to the glamour and glitz of the yuletide season was the six foot six automaton Santa Claus outside the Co-operative supermarket in Gaios; he rocked and rolled in time to festive music, his party piece a special rendition of ‘The Yellow Rose of Texas’ [which many Paxiots now believe to be a traditional Christmas song]!

There was however an undercurrent of frenzied activity for, on every street corner, in every shop and every bar people were being encouraged to part with their hard earned cash; not as you might think by overzealous shop keepers wishing to jump on the band wagon of a commercialised Holy season but by a small team of foreign residents trying to raise money for the local high school.


Building on the tradition of the British Boxing Day swim there has for the last three years been a Boxing Day swim in Loggos harbour, participants in fancy dress of course, [so much more fun] and collections made for good causes on Paxos.

In 2011 money was raised for PAWS [Paxos Animal Welfare Society] and in 2012 for the Medical Centre. This last year [2013] a decision was made to support the young people of Paxos by raising money for the high school.

Times are still hard in Greece and the local high school in Paxos has struggled to manage with its limited funds, [the Sixth form may have to close, they cannot afford to pay for oil to fire the radiators, or to buy new computers and other educational resources]; therefore it was time for action, that being ‘Festive Frolics, Fundraising and Fun’ – we were going to ‘Splash for Cash’, [even if the cold water might kill us].

The local community really pulled together to support the Boxing Day Swim; businesses and individuals made generous cash donations, pledged amazing raffle prizes and hundreds of raffle tickets purchased on the lead up to the main event – ‘Splash for Cash’ on Boxing Day.

[3] [2]


Spiros opened the doors of Taxidi bar providing warming mulled wine and After swim ‘loukamades’ and ‘kreatopita’ and the atmosphere was full of fun with silly costumes and high spirits all around.

The Despina Ferry boat had intended to transport swimmers from Gaios to Loggos and for us to swim from the vessel to the shore but choppy water meant that she couldn’t safely anchor in the harbour so it was simply a case of jumping, diving or being pushed from Loggos jetty.

[5] [6] [7] [8]

Collections continued into the New Year and on 02 January a special prize draw event was held at Pio Pio bar; raffle tickets were drawn, prizes claimed and ‘Thank You’s made to the event organisers and the Paxiots themselves for their generosity and support.


Amazingly in these difficult times of austerity the people of Paxos and local businesses have to date raised a total of €2,402.00. There is to be a further meeting with the organising committee and school officials to confirm what needs to be bought for the children from the fund, the organisers will buy in whatever goods and services are decided upon until the funds run out.


In addition to the efforts of the organising committee a special thank you should go to Andiopi ‘Pitsa’ Dima who acted as a key liaison point between the organisers, the parents’ association and the school. Andiopi gave up a lot of her time to translate during meetings; pass on vital information and to translate key documents into Greek’ as well as promoting the event across the local community.

Thanks also to Kamelia lines for the use of the Despina [even though the weather failed us], Georgia from the flower shop in Magazia for helping to translate documents and to Babis Dakouras from Water Planet who provided wet suits for those swimmers who feared the cold, and of course Spiros Taxidi, [those loukamades were heavenly].

Listed below are all the businesses that supported the Splash for Cash event with either prizes or cash donations, so thank you to them all and of course to everyone who supported the event by buying raffle tickets and joining us all on Boxing Day and at Pio Pio. Also listed are the prizes and the lucky winners.

So let’s make it even bigger and better next year with more swimmers and people to help with organising the event.

Tracey Spencer Tootill

Watch the Splash for Cash at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5oa3Vk_j-o

Cash Donations

Paxos Net – Gaios                                                          Julia’s Boat Hire

Angello Butcher- Lakka                                                Seriani Bar – Lakka

Co-op – Gaios                                                                 Spiros Garage – Magazia

Carnayo Restaurant – Gaios                                         Loggos Bakery

Pounentis Taverna – Lakka                                          Mica’s Cigarette Shop – Lakka

Four Seasons Taverna – Loggos                                   Erimitis Restaurant – Boikaktikia

Captain Nikos Boat Hire – Loggos                                Genesis Taverna – Gaios

Kafeneion – Lakka                                                          Pharmacy – Lakka

Pharmacy – Lakka                                                          Sunvil Holidays

GIC the Villa Collection                                                   Ita’s Car Hire

Planos Holidays                                                                Alpha Car Hire

Akis Electrical Shop – Gaios                                          Areti Beauty Lounge – Gaios


Tracey Spencer Tootill                                                   Helen Hart

Pam Davis                                                                        Jim Tootill

Les Davis                                                                         Andiopi Dima

Geoffrey Hart                                                                Georgia Perlorenpzou

Lyn Griffin                                                                     Phil Griffin:

Prize Winners


Prize Pledge


Winners Details



Fotini’s Flower Shop – Gaios 


Vlaxopoulou Iwana
House and Home – Gaios  

Lulu Guinness Handbag

Tony Chancellor
Paxos Magic Holidays

Free return  ferry from Paxos to Igoumenitsa

for x2 passengers and x1 car

no name 31996
Kamelia Lines

Free travel for January for x 2 people

Use of boat on Boxing Day

Jane pappas
Book Shop – Gaios


Buas Kostas
Arriva Restaurant  – Lakka

Meal for two

Louise Harbour lights
Sarah’s Gift Shop – Loggos


Arnou Areti
Angello Butcher- Lakka


Pappas Tassos
Seriani Bar – Lakka


Dawn Inskip
Georgia’s Flower Shop –Magazia


Carol Paxos Magic
Yogos Jewellers – Lakka

Mystery  Prize

Faye Lychnos
Harbour Lights – Lakka

Meal for two

O’ Galieris– Gaios

 Meal for two

Carol Austin
Vasillis Taverna – Gaios

Meal for two to value of 50.00

Maria Goleny
Foits Charonis

Massage for one person

Carol Austin
Foits Charonis

Massage for one person

Dee- Lakka
O’Pratigos Taverna –Loggos

Meal for four

Linda Logan
Spiros Mastoras – Loggos Olive Press

Large tin of olive oil

Christos Delias – 6976174187
Spiros Taxidi Bar – Loggos


Evropi Bar – Loggos

Bottle of Dimple Whiskey

Mary Planos
Evanggelia Zerno Sewing Shop – Gaios


Dee – Lakka
Pharmacy – Gaios


Yorgos Lineres
Pounentis Taverna – Lakka

Meal for two

Lefcothea ????
Nectarious  – Loggos

Fishing Knife

Ann Major
Diamantis Cava – Lakka

Bottle of Champagne

Di and Alan Parker
Mini Market – Fontana


Margaritidou Eleni
Planos Holidays

No prize but will but the school x50 packs of printing/photocopy paper

Rombolas Cash & CarryVlachopoulatika


Lucy Davis
Rombolas Cash & CarryVlachopoulatika


Margaritidou Eleni
Eleni’s Hairdressers


Simon Austin
Biros Taverna – Biogdanatika

Meal for Two

Tony Chancellor
Del Pirato – Gaios

Meal for Two

Margaritidou Eleni


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  1. Sotiris says:

    It certainly was an amazing experience for everyone. A thank you is not enough.

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