a visit to the farm

marked the  start of our OffSeason activities. Located in the village of Fanariotatika, Katerina and Babis have a small holding of goats, sheep, pigs and chickens. We were invited into their home where Katerina demonstrated making yogurt and cheese and fed us with wild greens pita and a dessert made from the whey of the goats milk.

It was great to see familiar faces and meet new people, thank you all for taking the time to come along.

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We also took in a beautiful view on the way.

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Tomorrow we will be walking from the same start point Agios Yorgos church in Vellientatika at 11am and taking a path along the west coast with stunning views of Anti-Paxos. Yoga will be taking place at Monodendri beach at 5pm.

Details of the evening out are now on the ‘April 2014’ page, please do let me know if you plan to join us.

About OffSeasonPaxos

For all those that love the island of Paxos
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