St Nicholas island

for years I’ve wanted to visit this island that lies just a stones throw from Gaios. Home to a fortress, dilapidated windmill, English cemetary, 2 churches and 2 cisterns, one built by the British the other by the Venetians. The view from the top of the fortress is beautiful and the pine, cypress and fruit trees provide welcome shade.

Thank you to Babis from the dive centre for taking us across and Faye for sharing her knowledge of the island. Nigel was kind enough to share the photos below

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For all those that love the island of Paxos
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2 Responses to St Nicholas island

  1. Brenda Greaves says:

    I first visited St Nicholas Isle on my first visit to Paxos 27 years ago I had travelled to Paxos straight from my fathers funeral – and his name was Nicholas. We have been across many times since and it has a very special place in my heart.

  2. So sad that we were not able to attend, we have wanted to visit the island for the past 14 years, but like many others, never quite made it – thank you so much for the sharing the photographs and I hope to be able to enjoy the same some time later experience this year.

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