Restoration of Anemoyiannis Statue

We are very happy to announce the completion of the restoration of the George Anemoyiannis statue by the sculptor Nikola erected in 1966 at the south entrance of the Gaios harbor in Paxos:

A professional team from the Gavala foundry in Athens arrived in Paxos on 15 June 2015 for the restoration of the monument. In three days accumulated coats of discolored green paint were carefully removed, cracks closed and the bronze surface resealed with wax. The original oxidized colors showing the mix of metals typically used in Greek foundries of the 1960’s have reappeared. With time they will be re-oxidized and assume a uniform green patina, a result of the statue’s exposure to salty air. Lost details like chisel marks on the face, curls in the hair and sharp edges of the torch flames are now clearly visible again, considerably enlivening the statue’s impact.

The initiative for the restoration was taken by the mayor of Paxos, Spyros Vlahopoulos, and carried out by the new non profit association of the Friends of Paxos.

Half of the costs of the restoration – 2 760 € – were paid by Chris Boïcos Fine Arts and for the other half the association would like to appeal to the generosity of Paxiots and their friends.

Anyone wishing to contribute even a small amount to this worthy endeavor, please contact:

Chris Boïcos – – + 30 69 73 01 36 99


Faye Lychnou – – + 30 69 44 63 31 23

We would like to thank everyone who contributes to the financing of this restoration project, bringing back to life one of the best known and cherished symbols of Paxos.

With our best regards,

Chris Boïcos

Faye Lychnou


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