friends of Paxos

Chris Boïcos, Faye Lychnou and  Petros Andreotis are happy to announce the official registration of the non-profit society of the Friends of Paxos.
FOP was created in Paxos in 2015 with the initiative of Faye Lychnou and Chris Boïcos.
The honorary president of the society is Katerina Koskina, director of the National Museum of Modern Art in Athens.
The objective of the society is to initiate, encourage and organize cultural activities of every type on the island – musical concerts and festivals, art exhibitions, art residencies, musical and artistic workshops and other cultural and artistic projects.
The society also encourages and participates in projects concerning the preservation of the island’s architectural, cultural and natural patrimony.
The society wishes to work closely with the Paxos communities, local and foreign, as well as the local associations, volunteer networks and the Municipal authorities in order to form creative links between all residents and lovers of the island.
Our first project, successfully completed this summer, was the restoration of the bronze statue of Greek war of independence hero George Anemoyiannis in Gaios.
Please come to our first meeting which is to be held at the Loggos schoolhouse on Monday 24 August 2015 at 8pm. Meeting to be followed by a short musical concert and drinks.
In order to become a member you can register for the time being with
Chris Boïcos ( or Faye Lychnou (
The basic annual membership is 40 € per person, 60 € for a couple, 100 € for a donor and 500 € for a benefactor.

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For all those that love the island of Paxos
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2 Responses to friends of Paxos

  1. Renate Sack says:

    Dear Faye,

    thank you and Chris Boikos for your initiating the society Friends of Paxos

    We would like to take a partnership of donor, to be 100€ per year.

    Best wishes,

    Gerd and Renate

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