my morning run

tends to be the usual 5k loop that takes me predominately along the road with a few tracks thrown in. Now that the season is drawing to an end for another year I tend to have more time to explore a little further. This morning curiosity got the better of me, having past the track that led to ‘who knows where’ I decided to take it and I’m glad I did, the view of Anti-Paxos was well worth the steep climb. When I first moved to the island 10 years ago I used to walk alot with a friend called Yana, she was incredible at finding all the little tracks, I remember coming across this windmill and half built house and then not being able to find it again, it was literally under my nose.


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1 Response to my morning run

  1. sharon dundon says:

    Beautiful Sam. I know that feeling of wanting to explore a track but not having the time. How lovely you can now!! Enjoy xx

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