Having got a little braver

we’ve been using the local bus service to get about and every journey is a bit of an adventure to say the least.

Staying close to the main bus station we’ve found it easy to just jump on the next bus, there doesn’t seem to be a timetable as such and they go so often that you don’t tend to have to wait around. Health and safety is non existent, should I really be sat on the whole journey or sit on some one else’s lap, Should over half the bus be standing room only? The conductor has his work cut out. We’ve learnt that you get on at the back and then literally squeeze yourself to the front well before you want to leave unless you want to throw yourself off at the last minute, sounds dramatic but it’s the truth.

Whilst stopped it’s not unusual for a trader to jump on, sell some nuts, fruit, lotto tickets and then jump off before we speed off, speed being the operative word they go at one speed, fast, blaring their horns the whole time. The music is fab, local Sri Lankan pop played at full blast, almost feels like a party bus without the booze! The ticket system is hysterical, it’s so cheap and varies depending on the conductor, the same journey was 40 rupee the first time, 100 the next, seeing as it’s still under 1 euro for a 30 minute journey it just makes me smile, as does everything here. Check out the signs below.  

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For all those that love the island of Paxos
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