Even a trip to the post office

Is a totally chilled experience here. No queues or flashing counter announcements just smiley ladies to help.

The post office in Hikkaduwa is at the far end of town on the Baddegema road. Word of caution, if sending a package don’t seal it up as they need to check the contents and state on a slip what’s inside, yes I had to open all my packages but they resealed them all for me. It was ridiculously cheap too, under 4 euro to send 3 packages, buy a large padded envelope and stamps.

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2 Responses to Even a trip to the post office

  1. Kithmini Chanika says:

    Thank u very much for this post about our office. I saw this accidentally.
    It’s not always like this with 2, 3 customers here. You are lucky to get our service easily on that time. On the season lot of foreigners come to get our service here.
    And we need your co-operation too. Because we have to responsible for all the things that you send from here. That’s why you have to show us all the things before seel it. Sory for the inconvenience.
    We always ready to serve you all & welcome you all. It’s a great pleasure for us to serve you all. That’s how Sri Lankans are. Thank you again.

    • Hello Kithmini, it’s great to know that you read the post, Sri Lanka is my second favourite island after Paxos which is now my home. We will return and I hope to see you again. All the best x

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