returning home

I was craving the spicy vegetable roti that I pretty much lived on every lunch time whilst in Sri Lanka. Cooking is a true pleasure for me and I’m happiest when in my kitchen re-creating dishes that I have tasted on my travels.

Peter Kuruvita’s cookbook Serendip is fantastic, our chef friend Babbis from Spoons in Galle Fort joined him on his book tour and cooked with him all over the island, he has some great street food recipes in there but not the veg roti, so I turned to good old Google and found a great website Justin has travelled to over 50 countries and blogged about his culinary journey, you can find the recipe on the website.

The hardest part is getting the roti dough right but I think for a first attempt they were OK, willing friends who tried them were happy with the results, I won’t be working in a roti shop any time soon but to satisfy my spice craving they hit the spot.



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1 Response to returning home

  1. Mary says:

    They were so ummy I did not want mine to finish, clever girl Sam

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