it’s not all about chocolate..

living in a country where Easter is the most sacred observance in the Greek Orthodox faith a number of customs are carried out which makes this time of year a very special time.

Today being Holy Thursday is the day that the traditional tsoureki bread is baked and eggs are dyed red, the red symbolises the blood of Christ and is also the colour of life.


Great Friday is seen as a day of rest from all work and is a day of mourning. The Epitaphio (the symbolic bier of Christ) is adorned with flowers and carried on the shoulders of the faithful in a procession through each village, on Paxos this also takes place on Panagia island, the boat will leave from the square in Gaios around 3pm for the Service of Lamentation.

It is also one of the busiest times in the Greek kitchen, on the morning of Holy Saturday the traditional mayiritsa soup  is prepared, made with the organs and intestines of the lamb, it is not for the faint hearted, this is eaten after mid night when the fast is broken.

The midnight Service of the Resurrection will take place in each of the main villages, candles are decorated and lit from the Eternal Flame and passed to one another until each village is enveloped only in candle light, it’s a really magical experience.

Easter Sunday is a day of celebration and spent in the company of family and friends. A Christian mass will be taking place at Mouzmouli villa in Vellientatika at 11am, please contact me if you need directions.

Kalo Pascha to you all

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