Rekindled love

we’re all guilty of taking things for granted and having lived on the island for 11 years I some-times forget just how beautiful this place that I call home really is. My trip with Lethcothea yesterday to Anti-Paxos reminded me of why we moved here.

Leaving from Loggos at 5pm it was great to see familiar faces that I hadn’t caught up with for some time and also meet new guests to the island. The journey over was spent chatting and before we knew it we’d arrived at the old port of Anti-Paxos. The walk took us along a track that led to an ancient sterna and then onto a beautiful view, the 118 steps were worth it. From here we made our way through the village, picking figs from the trees and sharing them amongst us, stopping off at the church of Ayios Aimilianos that recently celebrated it’s name day on the 17th July and here we enjoyed some Anti-Paxos wine.

Arriving at Voutoumi beach when it was pretty much deserted was such a treat and a swim was more than welcome. More wine, fresh watermelon and some traditional music and dancing on the sand was a great way to end the day.

If you get the opportunity do join Lethcothea on this trip, her passion and love for the island is infectious, her office is located in Loggos opposite the Four seasons taverna. 0030 6976944748

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For all those that love the island of Paxos
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