How to get here

Getting to and from Paxos OffSeason……..

There are a number of options to get to Paxos off season in the absence of direct flights to Corfu.

Many airlines operate a daily service between the UK and Athens (ATH) &/or Thessaloniki (SKG)

Flying to Athens will mean an internal flight on to Corfu and if booked far enough ahead is not as expensive as you would think. Both Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air offer connected flights from London to Corfu with a stop in Athens. It’s possible to also check your bags right through to Corfu leaving you with a short stop in Athens (quite a nice airport actually if there is such a thing!) for best flight search. amongst others offer a direct service to Thessaloniki sometimes up to 4 times a week from various UK airports. Thessaloniki is a 3hr drive from Igoumenitsa, one of Greece’s main international ports and there is a ferry from here to Paxos 4 times a week in the winter. daily flights from Stansted to Thessaloniki

The Egnatia highway which runs from Istanbul through Thessaloniki and to Igoumenitsa on the west coast of Greece (opposite Paxos) is now completed and is one of the most impressive roads in Europe, passing through some of Greece’s most beautiful mountain regions. Why not hire a car and do this drive to Igoumenitsa and jump on the ferry to Paxos. for best rates.

Alternatively, I recently returned from the UK into Thessaloniki with Easy Jet, then very simply caught the bus outside arrivals which took me into Thessaloniki main bus station and then with just a 1.5hr wait took the direct bus to Igoumenitsa (3.5hrs)

Unfortunately with the arrival times into Thessaloniki you can’t catch the ferry in time that same day, so it involves an overnight stay in Igoumenitsa for the ferry the following day. This is where hiring a car is the best option and you can make an overnight stay in the beautiful mountain city of Ioannina which is 2hrs from Thessaloniki (very nice accommodation options available) leaving you with a 50mins drive the next day to catch the ferry.

Transfers from Igoumenitsa/Corfu to Paxos

There is a car ferry (Kerkyra seaways/Lines) that runs from the mainland (Igoumenitsa) and Corfu to Paxos.


From Corfu: 8.15 and 10.45am

From Igou: 10.30am and 15.30

From Paxos 13.45 and 18.30


Kerkyra Lines 0030 26620 32269

Kerkyra Sea ways 0030 26620 32114

Transfers from Corfu to Paxos

Kamelia Lines

1st October, 2019 – 31st October, 2019

Day From Depart
Monday Paxos 07.30
Corfu 13.30
Paxos 07.30
Corfu 13.30
Paxos 07.30
Corfu 13.30
Paxos 07.30
Corfu 13.30
Paxos 07.30
Corfu 13.30
Paxos 07.30
Corfu 13.30
Paxos 07.30
Corfu 13.30

Please ensure that you check with the relevant boat agent directly before travelling as timetables are subject to change.

Paxos Office

Tel.: +30 26620 32131  Fax: +30 26620 32136

Corfu Office

Tel: +30 26610 40372



Bouas Tours

 1st October, 2019 – 9th October, 2019

Day From Time
Monday Paxos 07.15
  Corfu 14.00
  Paxos 07.15
  Corfu 14.00
  Paxos 07.15
  Corfu 08.30
  Paxos 09.45
  Corfu 15.10
  Paxos 16.45
  Corfu 18.00
  Paxos 07.15
  Corfu 14.00
  Paxos 07.15
  Corfu 14.00
  Paxos 09.45
  Corfu 14.00
  Corfu 06.30 (Joy Star)
  Paxos 08.15
  Corfu 15.00
  Paxos 18.30 (Joy Star)

Please ensure that you check with the relevant boat agent directly before travelling as timetables are subject to change.

Paxos Office                                            Phone: 26620 32401 / 26620 32245

Fax:     26620 32610


Corfu Tourist Enterprises                    Phone: 26610 49800/26610 80444

Fax: 26610 44004

FaceBook Page: IlidaII


Sea-taxi’s are also an option, contact numbers below:

Nick (0030) 6932232072 see

Tassos (0030) 6944832964

Nico (0030) 6973067292

Once on Paxos depending on where you are staying you may wish to hire a car, do contact Alfa Car Hire for rates or

There are just 6 taxi’s on the island and on main transfer days they do get booked up, it is best to call and book in advance:

Taxi numbers: 

Christos – (0030) 6977 472747

Haris – (0030) 6974 135660

Kostas – (0030) 6974 002236

Nico – (0030) 6984 220011

Tassos – (0030) 6976 648486

Theo – (0030) 6982 575191

54 Responses to How to get here

  1. Line says:

    Hi, when you say the New boat goes from Lefkimi/corfu, are these two different Places?
    Like corfu town port and lefkimi port?
    Or is it only from Lefkimi (South Corfu)

    Thx, Line:)

  2. Anne Sykes says:

    I am most impressed with this website , the blog, and all the information. However I would be grateful to know where one can actually buy ‘Despina’ tickets at Corfu new port. Is it the same office as ‘Ilida’

    • Hello Anne,

      Many thanks for your comments regarding the site.

      The Corfu office is located along the same parade as the Ilida office, opposite the Cafe Nautica, the sign states Kamelia Lines.

      Best Wishes

      • Magdalena says:

        Hello Sam,
        Lovey website, thank you for this ! My husband and I are planning to go to Paxos from Corfu on Friday 23rd August to return on 27th. I see there are a few options and I like Despina boat. I tried to buy the tickets in advance and phoned the office and they asked me for my credit card details, I am not sure it is safe. Would it be fine if we booked the ticket personally, say a few days before the planned trip or it would be too late and all ticket might be gone? What do you think ?

      • Hello Magda, from past experience guests have booked through the agent for the Despina and had no problem in terms of giving their card details. It is a very busy time of year and I would advise pre-booking your tickets well ahead of time.
        I hope you have a lovely stay.

  3. Jonny says:

    I am looking to book tickets for my wife and i, leaving corfu on a tuesday. Which boat out of the Ilida and Despina would be best to book? thanks!

    • Hello Jonny, It all depends on when you land, the Ilida leaves at 14.30 and the Despina 15.00 so there isn’t a huge amount in it, both agents contact details are on the how to get here page. I hope you have a great stay in Paxos.

  4. Joan Clarke says:

    Hi Sam , what a helpful site , however I have a query that I hope you can help with , our flight arrives to Corfu Sunday 14July at 12.10 and I see there is a transfer available to Paxos at 13.45 do you think we have enough time to catch this boat ?
    Many thanks

    • Hello Joan,
      Many thanks for your feedback. The journey from the airport to port is only about 10 minutes at the most so you will have plenty of time to make the boat, Sunday is also a quieter arrival day. Do ensure you have pre-booked your tickets.
      I hope you have a great stay.
      Regards, Sam

  5. Magdalena says:

    Many thanks, that is very helpfull.
    I cat wait to go there

  6. Joe & Winks Maclay says:

    We’ll be travelling to Paxos from Corfu on Wednesday 2nd October and returning on Tuesday 15th October. We’ll be very grateful for information on timetable of the ferries out of season and how best to book. Thank you very much.

    • Hello Joe and Winks, I believe the Despina will be running a service in October, please do contact them directly (the contact details are on the ‘how to get here’ page) I am unsure as to whether there is a Wednesday crossing at that time of year but it would be best to check with them directly. Enjoy your stay.

  7. Chris Kirkman says:

    Thankyou for posting this information. We are coming over to paxos again on the 21st July. Are the tickets for the Despina available to buy now? If so I will get them booked as there are 10 of us coming this year. Cant wait, 19th time this year!!

  8. Traveler says:

    Great information, thanks. I was just wondering how frequent the car ferry from Paxos to Igoumenitsa is? We will be foot passengers, but wanted to see if it is more convenient to go direct to the mainland instead of presumably having to go back to Corfu from Paxos, then onto Igoumenitsa. We will be traveling mid-Sept.

  9. Hello There, This has been a great place to find out so much interesting stuff – I have a problem that just maybe you might be able to point me in the right direction. My family and I arrive ( with three small children) on Wednesday 1st October……it would seem this is the first day of no hydrofoil or ferry crossings…..Do you have any ideas? I really have tried other sources and appreciate your not a travel agent but I am coming up blank on this one…x

    • Hello Natalie, Many thanks for your feedback. Regarding your transfer, I have just spoken to the Ilida office and they may still be running a service in October but nothing is confirmed as yet so you may want to call them nearer the time. The alternative would be taking a sea-taxi.
      I hope you have a wonderful stay x

  10. Emma Cunliffe says:


    We are coming to Paxos at the end of September and are planning to return to Corfu on Saturday 4th October. Will there be any hydrofoils/boats available that won’t involve taking a water taxi?


  11. Joe says:

    Thanks for providing so much useful information.
    I’m looking at travelling to the Greek islands next month, how are things going on Paxos with regards to the financial issues? It looks like a nice place to avoid all of the hassles, protests etc. that may happen in the cities and larger towns/islands popular with tourists.

    • Hello Joe, I’m glad you found the information useful. Thankfully this beautiful island has escaped the protests and demonstrations and remains as peaceful and relaxing as ever. Do get in touch if you need any further assistance.

  12. Alex says:

    Hi Sam, Wow thank you for such an informative site. Going to Paxos early August and we need to get from Paxos back to Corfu on Friday 14th August no later than 13.30 for a flight. Does anyone want to share a sea taxi? We are a family of four. Happy to go any time during the day especially if anyone has any good lunch recommendation in the old town of Corfu?

    • Hi Alex, Glad you’ve found the site useful. It would be an idea to call the sea-taxi phone numbers and ask if anyone else is leaving that day around that time and you may be able to share. There are a number of lovely places you could spend some time before you fly, the Noak Azure is just a few minutes away in a taxi or the Nautilus which is about 5 minutes by taxi and the same onto the airport, both are on the waterfront. I hope you have a lovely stay.

  13. Guy says:

    Thank you for publishing the latest ferry timetables (especially for the Elida II hydrofoil who don’t seem to have their own website!). One thing that others may find helpful: the elusive Cafe Nautica is the only building on the seaward side of the main road past the port.

    • Hello Guy, not a problem at all regarding the timetables, my pleasure. The cafe has been re-named, it is now called Sette Vente. Best wishes, Sam

      • Alison says:

        We are coming from Edinburgh and arrive Corfu 13.15 on Saturday 1 October 16 . Do you think we will catch the 14.00 ferry ?. What are the alternatives

      • Hello Alison, if your flight arrives on time you should be able to make the 14.00 boat, the alternative would be a sea-taxi across later in the day but you would need to pre-book, the phone numbers are on the ‘how to get here’ page. If you need further assistance please email me direct at

  14. Alex says:

    Hi Sam,
    Thanks for the new timetables.
    We are coming back to Paxos 14 – 28th of August and are looking for a nice boat to rent that has sunbathing room on board! We are 4 adults and 2 teenagers. Any ideas?
    Also looking for a part time cook for lunch or evenings that is more fish and less Greek staples. Any ideas? THank you and hope Spring is wonderful on the island?

    • Hello Alex, I should imagine you are looking forward to your visit? I love this time of year, the flowers are in bloom and the island has a buzz about it what with people returning and getting ready for the summer ahead. Please email me directly at, I’ll be happy to help. Best wishes, Sam

  15. marco says:

    Do you know the ferry timetables from Igoumenitsa to Paxos and back in June 2016?
    Many thanks in advance, Marco

  16. csgo skins says:

    You’re a very valuable site; could not make it without ya!

  17. anat says:

    Hi Sam, this website is great, thank you for somuch for so many informative details!

    We are 2 tourists who inted to visit Paxos in October 2016. We are landing in Thessloniki, and want to visit the north mountains and then head down all the way the west coast. Our flight back is from Athens.

    We’d like to know if there are any car ferries from Igoumenitsa/Corfu to Paxos ? And what’s the cost ?

    Thank you,
    Yair & Anat.

  18. Thanks for this helpful blog.
    We have a flight departing from Corfou a 11.20am on 12th September and we want to sleep in Paxos the night before. We plan to take to the Ilida boat at 7.15am on the 12th September : do you know if this boat arrives in Corfou port or in Lefkimi (which would make this more difficult for us to catch our plane).
    Thanks in advance for your help

    • Hello Anne, Glad to hear you find the blog informative. As far as I am aware the hydrofoil will go into Corfu port, you will be there by 8.15am so will have plenty of time to get to the airport for your flight. Please always double check boat times a few days before you travel as they can be subject to change. I hope you have a lovely holiday.

  19. Alan Cadger says:

    Looking for some help on ferry times to Paxos from and to Corfu. We fly into Corfu on 01/07/17 at 1220 and then have to catch a ferry to Paxos we then fly out of Corfu on 08/08/17 at 1300 and need to catch a ferry that morning from Paxos. Could someone advise on appropriate ferry times.

    thanks, Alan

    • Hello Alan, All timetables are on the how to get here page of the blog. On arrival the Christa departs at 2pm and the ilida at 1.45. On departure the Despina leaves at 7.30am and the ilida at 9.45, all contact details to book tickets are also on the same page. I hope you have a lovely holiday.

  20. Igor Ranisavljev says:

    We are coming to Paxos by car in monday 17/7/2017. Please tell me when we have ferry which carry cars from igoumenitsa to paxos in monday 17/7??
    Thank you very much!

  21. chloedelamore says:

    Hi OffSeasonPaxos, thanks so much for your page, it is very helpful! I was wondering if you know where I could find the timetable for the ferries from Paxos to Antipaxos? We are staying on Antipaxos and would love to know what time the last ferry to get over there is.

    Many thanks

    • Hi Chloe and Tom, I hope you’re enjoying your stay over there, proper Robinson Crusoe holiday! There are numerous boats that go to and from Paxos, they tend to leave Paxos from 10am and I believe the last one back from Anti-paxos is 5pm but then you will need to overnight on Paxos to return the next day. You may want to try one of the Seataxi’s to see if they could help, the numbers are on the how to get here page or speak to the owners of the tavernas over there to see if you can jump in with them. Have fun, Sam x

      • chloedelamore says:

        Hey Sam, thanks so much for your reply! So they don’t leave to go out to Antipaxos in the afternoon at all? I think our boat will get in at 3.30pm from Corfu…

      • They tend to go back and forth but I can’t say exactly the timings I’m afraid, don’t worry I am sure you will find a way across

      • chloedelamore says:

        Thanks so much Sam, I’m sure we’ll find a way!

  22. Helen Smith says:

    Have found this website through a friend and found it really helpful. We are planning a holiday to Paxos nest year and were struggling to book anything because we were desperately trying to find information on the Ferries from Corfu. No point in looking at Flights and accommodation of we can’t get to Paxos. I understand that the timetable will vary for 2019 but generally I imagine the times will be the same. We can now (Fairly) confidently get on and make some reservations.

    • Hello Helen, Glad to hear you have found it useful. It’s best to land in Corfu by mid day and that way there is generally a boat across that afternoon. I hope you have an enjoyable time on the island.

  23. Lorna says:

    Hello, I have tried the links you provided for ferry times from IGOUMENITS to PAXOUS but these do not include June 2019, any ideas, the dates they have are 01/11/2018 – 31/03/2019 & 01/10/2019 – 31/10/2019, any ideas?

    • Hello Lorna, happy new year to you. Timetables may not be confirmed till a lot closer to the season, in the past at that time of year they tend to leave Igou around 11.15am. Have a good day.

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