Pomegranate Cottage, Fontana

is the setting for mass on Sunday 21st May at 11am.

Reverend Marie Teare, in association with Holy Trinity Church Corfu invites you to join us.

Directions can be found on posters in the offices of Travel A La Carte, Fontana; Planos, Lakka; Thalassa Travel, Loggos.

Or ring / text 6971970920 for details.



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Island walks

one of the best ways to enjoy the island is by foot and my dear friend Lethcothea has walked pretty much all of it and is happy sharing her love and passion for Paxos with others.

Organised walks will be taking place throughout the summer, do pop in and see her in her office in Loggos (opposite Four Seasons cafe) or call her on 0030 6976944748.

Over the next few days the following walks will be taking place:

Saturday 20th May, Camara walk, taking in the west coast of Paxos, the views are incredible, the walk stars at 9.30am at Paxos Club Hotel

Sunday 21st May, Loggos walk, visit churches, beaches an even have a swim, starting point Loggos car park at 9.30am

Wednesday 24th May, Lakka walk, views, churches and swim, starting at the PAWS building at 9.30am


Have fun



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Summer boat’s timetable

for Kamelia Lines is now on the ‘how to get here’ page

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it’s not all about chocolate..

living in a country where Easter is the most sacred observance in the Greek Orthodox faith a number of customs are carried out which makes this time of year a very special time.

Today being Holy Thursday is the day that the traditional tsoureki bread is baked and eggs are dyed red, the red symbolises the blood of Christ and is also the colour of life.


Great Friday is seen as a day of rest from all work and is a day of mourning. The Epitaphio (the symbolic bier of Christ) is adorned with flowers and carried on the shoulders of the faithful in a procession through each village, on Paxos this also takes place on Panagia island, the boat will leave from the square in Gaios around 3pm for the Service of Lamentation.

It is also one of the busiest times in the Greek kitchen, on the morning of Holy Saturday the traditional mayiritsa soup  is prepared, made with the organs and intestines of the lamb, it is not for the faint hearted, this is eaten after mid night when the fast is broken.

The midnight Service of the Resurrection will take place in each of the main villages, candles are decorated and lit from the Eternal Flame and passed to one another until each village is enveloped only in candle light, it’s a really magical experience.

Easter Sunday is a day of celebration and spent in the company of family and friends. A Christian mass will be taking place at Mouzmouli villa in Vellientatika at 11am, please contact me if you need directions.

Kalo Pascha to you all

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returning home

I was craving the spicy vegetable roti that I pretty much lived on every lunch time whilst in Sri Lanka. Cooking is a true pleasure for me and I’m happiest when in my kitchen re-creating dishes that I have tasted on my travels.

Peter Kuruvita’s cookbook Serendip is fantastic, our chef friend Babbis from Spoons in Galle Fort joined him on his book tour and cooked with him all over the island, he has some great street food recipes in there but not the veg roti, so I turned to good old Google and found a great website http://www.lotusartichoke.com/ Justin has travelled to over 50 countries and blogged about his culinary journey, you can find the recipe on the website.

The hardest part is getting the roti dough right but I think for a first attempt they were OK, willing friends who tried them were happy with the results, I won’t be working in a roti shop any time soon but to satisfy my spice craving they hit the spot.



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having eaten curry and rice every day

we were excited to be invited to cook with a friend of ours that owns a fantastic hole in the wall place in Galle Fort called Spoons. Babbis is a legend, having a natural flair for home cooked traditional dishes that he learnt from Mum, he and his brother in law run this place, with only 16 covers it is open for lunch and dinner and is always packed.

So on the menu today is aubergine curry, dahl, chicken curry and tempura carrots. All ingredients are fresh from the market and we cooked everything within an hour. The base spices were pretty much the same, roasted curry powder, chilli powder and flakes, the flakes being more potent than the powder! and turmeric. Onion, garlic, ginger, cinnamon and fresh chillies featured in all dishes and of course plenty of curry leaves. We cooked with coconut oil and finished a number of the dishes with coconut milk. Pretty much most homes in Sri Lanka have a piece of kit for extracting the coconut meat, it is a small stool with a piece of wood with a round blade that basically grates the coconut out of the shell, it’s not as easy at it looks when you watch the locals doing it (there’s a photo below). They then add water to the coconut meat and squeeze it in their hands to get the coconut milk.

We thoroughly enjoyed cooking with Babbis and of course eating what we’re prepared together.

Image result for coconut grater sri lanka

Coconut grater



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Having arrived in plenty of time 

for the train to Galle a few minutes before it was due we were informed to change platforms. Arriving as the train pulled in we were greeted with huge smiles and waves from the train driver as he came to a halt. Having settled into our seats and chatting to fellow passengers the train driver came and found us and asked if we’d like to come and sit with him whilst he drove, of course we said yes.

Rathnakumara has been driving the train for 35 years, living in Galle he does the Colombo to Galle route daily. It was so kind of him to invite us, another one of those lifetimes experiences.

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