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the 25th March

is a double celebration in Greece, a historical and religious one. Historically it marks the Independence of Greece, the war that began in 1821 was over in 1832 when Greece gained it’s independence, up until then it was under Ottoman … Continue reading

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Pascha, meaning passover

is the word used to describe Easter in the Orthodox calendar and is being celebrated here this week, with Easter Sunday falling on Sunday 1st May. The date you celebrate Easter on depends entirely on the calendar your religious affiliation … Continue reading

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is the name given to today’s celebration, the festival of flowers, it is a celebration of spring and nature. It is customary to decorate the door of your home with flower wreaths believed to welcome the power of nature into your … Continue reading

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Καθαρά Δευτέρα

known as ‘Clean Monday’ is celebrated today and marks the start of Lent in the Orthodox calendar, a move-able feast that takes place 7 weeks prior to Easter Sunday. A public holiday that is typically celebrated outside (weather permitted). Today … Continue reading

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or ‘smoke Thursday’ is all about eating meat and more meat as a final goodbye to the fasting period that commences after ‘Clean Monday’. In the Greek Orthodox tradition fasting on Wednesday and Friday is important, therefore Thursday is the … Continue reading

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