the preparations for the Easter weekend

are in full swing, celebrated as the UK do Christmas Easter is the most sacred observance in the Greek Orthodox faith. From Palm Sunday to Easter there are numerous customs that are carried out, today being Holy Thursday is when the traditional Easter bread, tsoureki is made and the eggs are dyed red.

Holy or Great Friday is a day of mourning, The Service of Lamentation mourns the death of Christ. Boats will be leaving for the Panagia island from around 3pm tomorrow from Gaios square, the bier, decorated lavishly with flowers and bearing the image of Christ, is carried on the shoulders of the faithful in a procession around the island.

A mid night service will take place in each of the main villages on Saturday, The Service of the Resurrection.

On Sunday morning a Christian mass will be taking place at Mouzmouli at 11am, please message me if you would like to attend and need directions.